Wednesday, September 15, 2010

week two typography assignment

great you all got a good start on your type specimen books

a little more time spent would have benefited you, but...

this week, please rework your "books" using images, color, content, typography

cut down to three or four fonts that work to support your content

--expand your content, know what you're talking about, choose information available wisely, cut out superfluous content that doesn't add to your intent

meaning, research your topic,

include your research as part of the content.

don't just pull a text directly from a source.

think about what it is you're setting.

what does it mean?

what are the implications?

scientific, political, social, artistic, etc

what cross references can be derived?

ie. the text is about plate tectonics taken from wikipedia.

what has been discovered since that wiki text was posted?

is there activity going on now that is interesting or ground breaking?

what has plate tectonics taught us?

who first labeled it?

who first noted it?

etc, etc

change the size, shape, medium if it applies.

here are some links to foundries:

helpful resources re typography: (join, use, required!)

folks who use loads of typography in ways you may find interesting, useful, beautiful, or ugly:

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