Friday, September 10, 2010

type assignment for 9.15/20.2010

hi folks.

welcome to type design, fall 2010

here's your first assignment:

1) make a blog for this course

email your blog link to your ta

Make sure your subject line states the class you are in : (Mon or Wed) (Day or Nite) Type Class

monday type ta: Nicole
wednesday day type ta: Rosane
wednesday nite type ta: Kristie

2) create a type specimen book

using 15 fonts:

3 serif text fonts
3 sans serif text fonts
3 serif display fonts
3 sans serif display fonts
3 decorative fonts*

and a text of your choice

base this assignment on a text you find interesting

please research the text well, cross reference, annotate, etc.

research the topic,

add to it,

interpret it

show us your discoveries in the way you handle the typography, setting and choices

make it interesting, please

set the text and related typographic elements

highlight what you find interesting about the text with typography choices and sizes

set both display type and text blocks

no images for this week

no color

print b&w to size

bind (paste back to back, cover wrap)

bring to class

make us want to read it

this isn't easy, but if well done, it's an excellent portfolio piece

we're looking for how well you use typography both aesthetically and to create and/or highlight meaning in the text

we're also looking to see how well you combine fonts

and how well you solve problems

work hard

have fun

i have a feeling from meeting you all just once this will be a great semester.

i'm already impressed.



* you may find the first two chapters of ellen lupton's "thinking with type" helpful. suggest (strongly) that you read or review those chapters.

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