Monday, November 23, 2009

AWH, always with honor

Always With Honor is a creative collective specializing in map, icon,
and information design. Our mission is to create work that helps break
down complex information into simple (and fun) designs that are easily
understood and enjoyed.

To date our work has featured in such publications as Good, Esquire, Wired, Money
Magazine, and Wired Italia, and we are regular contributors to Monocle.
Our work also appears in books published by Chronicle Books and Harper Collins.

A diagram which maps out the connections between the
most disparate of forces, events, and systems affecting our planet.

Information graphic showing the levels, density and specific items
that make up the clouds of space debris surrounding our planet.

A diagram mapping out the combination each scientist draws from in their hybrid field of science.

Diagram pointing out areas of the brain that are affected by exercise and their impact.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Orba Squara's website

Check out the band Orba Squara's website, full of infographic-like stuff, illustrations, photographs and maps of their trip across the States.

Go to

Thanks Milena.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


All Things Typographic: NOVEMBER ISSUE
from Irene's TypeStudio

Fall back to typography. Here's the latest scoop:
-- TypeTalk: You ask, we answer
-- Hanging Characters in QuarkXPress 8
-- Words at Play
-- Font Fight
-- Upcoming Typography Workshops
-- Gourmet Typography Discount LAST MONTH
-- The Type Studio now on Twitter

If this email is not displaying properly, you can view it here. Previous editions can be viewed here.

TypeTalk: You ask, we answer
Q. You've written about figures in Open Type fonts, both oldstyle and lining variants and tabular and proportional spacing. But I have trouble figuring out which fonts have which. Can you help unravel this numerical mystery? Check it out...

Q. What is the difference between Times Roman and Times New Roman, and why are both listed in my font menu? Is Times Roman the "Old" version? Please explain! Check it out...

Hanging Characters in QuarkXPress 8
Hanging punctuation has long been one of the hallmarks of expert typography. Adobe InDesign CS has provided for this with its Optical Margin Alignment. This feature makes it a snap to achieve an optically aligned margin - an effect you previously had to create manually, and painstakingly, with desktop publishing software. Quark 8 has finally stepped up to the plate, and now contains a very robust feature with precise and customizable controls for hanging characters. Read on...

Words at Play
Spell out "words at play" with the floating characters, and see where it takes you. This book was created as a special project to celebrate the power of words, the beauty of typography, and the creativity of designers Roberto de Vicq and Matteo Bologna. Take a look...

Font Fight
More on Helvetica and Arial, who get into a good old fashioned rumble in this College Humor video, which is a sequel to the the very funny Font Conference. Check it out...

Upcoming Typography Workshops
Every creative professional, including the most seasoned designer, can benefit from learning to communicate more effectively with type. This workshop will give you the expert-level typographic skills and aesthetics necessary to visibly improve your type. It will sharpen your eye and reignite your passion for typography.

Gourmet Typography 1 and 2
New York
Friday, December 4
Part 1: 9 to 12
Part 2: 1 to 4

Typography for Print: The Finer Points
Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt)
Friday, January 8

If you'd like to see Gourmet Typography come to Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or any other city, let me know! Ilene

Gourmet Typography Discount LAST MONTH
In today's competitive market, you need all the edge you can get. Whether you are a student or a professional, having strong typographic skills should be at the top of your list.

Bring Gourmet Typography Training right to your company, school or organization! Workshops are customized for groups of any size and designed to fit your specific needs. Sessions are scheduled for your convenience - daytime, evenings or weekends. We will design a program customized for your particular requirements.

ONSITE TRAINING: $300 off workshops booked through December.
SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES: Special pricing, call 203.227.5929 for details.

"I found your class to be the missing link in the field of graphic design. I have had type classes before and the content is mostly about the structure of fonts, word usage style and then how to see type as a design element. Very important classes, but not all inclusive. Having been in the field for over 16 years, I was surprised how much I learned and some of the practical information about what to do with fonts. Thanks again!"

For more info, click here or call 203.227.5929.

The Type Studio now on Twitter
Yes, I gave in to Twitter pressure. It's no longer your teenager's social networking tool, but a valuable source of education and information for students, educators and professionals of all kinds.

Follow me at Twitter for the best of typographic rants, raves, reviews, and releases.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Information graphics, designers and more links

John Grimwade is the information graphics director of both Condé Nast Traveler and Condé Nast Portfolio magazines. With a career spanning over thirty years (which includes contributions to 30 other major magazines, and 8 years as graphics consultant to Popular Science), he is inarguably one of the most influential information graphic designers of the past

Ben Fry is director of Seed Visualization and its Phyllotaxis Lab, a design laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts focused on understanding complex data. He currently develops Processing, an open-source software programming language. He also has a book out called Visualizing Data.

From 1966 to 1977 Nigel Holmes worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer in London, England for newspapers and magazines. From 1978 to 1994 he went to New York working for Time Magazine to design so called "explanation graphics" for the magazine. In that time he also continued other work as freelance designer, lecturer, and authored a book on "Wordless diagrams".

A database of information graphics, made in the Netherlands.

A movie narrative chart of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, 12 Angry Men and Primer.

Also, all the posts for infographics on typoblogger are now linked to "information graphics", which you can find on the right-hand side of this blog. So, check out the old posts put up for past classes.

Information graphics from Gen's students, past and present

Adrian Carhuayo

Alysson Castro

Andreina Carrillo

Blanda Eggenschweiler

Chris Rogers

Colette Nickola

Erin Kim

Rocco Cambareri

Sarah Macreading

Youkyung Choi

Yutt Wattanapanich

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Postwar Avant-Garde and the Culture of Protest, 1945 to 1968 and Beyond

Art and protest went hand in hand before they fused in the worldwide cultural rebellions of 1968. In 1945, young artists and activists from across war-torn Europe began to form international networks. Though established traditions—from Futurism to Surrealism—seemed at first to show the way, by the early 1950s, some had already commandeered the weapons of the past: discarding, scavenging, highjacking from the rubble of modernism to fight new battles.
Emphasizing graphic components, the Beinecke exhibition traces the culture of protest as it emerged from interactions between art and revolution in postwar Europe under the rubrics of Art brut, Lettrism, Cobra, Arte Nucleare, the Imaginist Bauhaus, the Lettrist and Situationist Internationals, the Provos of Amsterdam, Gruppe Spur and Berlin’s Kommune I, the Situationist Bauhaus, and the Italian “Movimiento ’77.” Highlights include the original working manuscript of Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle and a gallery of fifty posters from the Paris uprising of May 1968.

press release

until December 19, 2009
Yale’s Beinecke Library
New Haven, United States

reMap (Visual Complexity) - Information Graphic

reMap is a visual approach for navigating through visualcomplexity using "descriptive tags" that show the relationship between the projects.

Look at Bestiaro, who created this site, and also, which is one of the free open-source programming languages that creates interactive sites like this.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quentin Delobel

Josef Müller-Brockmann was a Swiss graphic designer and teacher, mostly recognised for his simple designs and his clean use of typography, notably Helvetica. His shapes and colours have inspired many graphic designers in the 21st century, and made him one of the main precursors of the International Typographic Style, also known as Swiss Style. This visualization is the result of a personal web research about Josef Müller-Brockmann and the international typographical style. It contains 3 key elements: (1) the research of information on the web, (2) chronological information on Josef Muller-Brockmann's life and links to the last part, and finally the last part (3) is composed of a critical article based on information found online. The project is in french.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Nov 11 6pm Infographics Presentation

We're going to have an information designer come in to give a presentation next Wednesday. Danielle has worked in the graphics departments of Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and Condé Nast Portfolio. She'll come in to talk about the process of turning data into visually interesting communication pieces. She'll only be able to come to the 6pm class, but everyone is welcome to attend.

A few information graphics