Monday, October 15, 2012

ted talks

just watched david carson on TED, laughed out loud. fun and great!

watched sagmeister and mccandless--both good.

there are fifteen.

check it out.

print as a medium to get people to the web
mcluhan probes contents page
people in the electronic age have no other option except the globe and information gathering
on the simplicity of design
which garage door would you park behind? emotion in design

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Great colors, editing, cover.

The process: A different approach for the catalog cover. Think outside the computer.

Curious process: Grids and Letters

Ragged Left, Ragged Right

Cristina Couceiro

Ed Fella

Foundry Co, I guess...

annie chan

Alex Trochut

lisi zhang

All spreads from Priest + Grace

Foundry Co


Jessica Hische

Ed Fella

Inspirational: Hebert Matter

Square ups & almost square ups ideas. Let's pay attention to the font combination.

Foundry Collective

Foundry Collective

Mucca, I guess.

Foundry Collective


Foundry Collective

Sorry don't remember. From my old swipe library

Behance: David Martinez

Foundry Collective

Foundry Collective

Foundry Collective

Karel Martens


Foundry Collective

Foundry Collective

My old swipe

Herb Lubalin