Thursday, November 25, 2010


we've been asked to hang a show in the second floor showcases on the 29th of november, monday, the day we return from thanksgiving break.

it'll hang through break and be there when we return.

that's a great opportunity!!

we need 13 x 19" posters from each student on november 29th by 6pm in room 202.

names printed legibility on the back, pls.

if the piece doesn't fit in 13 x 19, that's fine.

closest size then.

Please email your TAs with your ideas

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Feeling uninspired in your type choices?

Three words... look around you!

There is no better place to see a diversity of typography and design than New York City (somewhat biased opinion)

NYC Type agrees with that notion as it catalogs typography around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. See any familiar typefaces?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Packaging Design Sites







Monday, November 1, 2010

App Design Process

Discover> Define> Design> Develop> Deploy> Document.
Design and Development are interchangeable and should be revisited many times.

The Three most important to initial app development in this class are.

Discovery & Research:
-What are users' primary goals and how can they achieve them?

-Which information is of higher importance? How do I draw user' attention to them?
-How should I incorporate the user feedback?

-Prototyping offers a huge opportunity for increasing process efficiency?

For the next class you should prepare: A Discovery Document.

Which includes:

App Brief and Document:
- Introduction to App
- Project Goals
- Application Specifications

User Persona:
- Age, Home, Family Status, Work, Interests, Approach to the App, Wow Factor, & Apps he or she may already own.

Mood Board:
- This functions similar to the persona but is a visual representation of who the consumer is.
- Should be designed and incorporate photographic, illustrative and typographic elements.

- Simple visual layout apps screens and functions.
- Can be very simple, line art and boxes really.

Further Development of the Discovery Document should entail:

- Paper prototypes, sketches with cut out buttons, photographed and used to refine layout possibilities.
- Style screens, one from each level of the app showing design and function details.
- Possible additional features for further updates of the app.
- Further develop wireframe and begin to skin the app based on your style frames.
- Decent style frames can easily be turned into a motion presentation for potential investor.

(Thanks, Bryan).