Monday, November 23, 2009

AWH, always with honor

Always With Honor is a creative collective specializing in map, icon,
and information design. Our mission is to create work that helps break
down complex information into simple (and fun) designs that are easily
understood and enjoyed.

To date our work has featured in such publications as Good, Esquire, Wired, Money
Magazine, and Wired Italia, and we are regular contributors to Monocle.
Our work also appears in books published by Chronicle Books and Harper Collins.

A diagram which maps out the connections between the
most disparate of forces, events, and systems affecting our planet.

Information graphic showing the levels, density and specific items
that make up the clouds of space debris surrounding our planet.

A diagram mapping out the combination each scientist draws from in their hybrid field of science.

Diagram pointing out areas of the brain that are affected by exercise and their impact.

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