Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Paul Rand: Conversations With Students

this slim paperback presents paul rand's last interview, recorded at arizona state university one year before his death in november 1996. rand answers questions on working with clients, logo design, design philosophy, design education and more. the book also includes recollections from some of the students and faculty members.

as one of the most influential and inspirational graphic designers of the twentieth century, paul rand defined modern american graphic design. paul rand (peretz rosenbaum), was born in brooklyn new york on august 15, 1914 rand’s father did not believe art could provide his son with a sufficient livelihood, and so he required him to attend manhattan’s harren high school while taking night classes at the pratt nstitute, he was largely self-taught as a designer and started working at a very young age. his iconic logo designs for IBM, UPS, and the ABC television network distilled the essences of modernity for his corporate patrons. his extensive body of work includes advertising, poster, magazine, and book designs - characterized by simplicity and a wit uniquely his own. his ability to discuss design with insight and humor made him one of the most revered design educators of our time.

at just 80 pages paul rand: conversations with students is a quick read. beginners and well-versed design professionals alike will be informed by rand's words and thoughts on varied topics ranging from design philosophy to design education. the dialogue is broken up with images of rand and full page quotes such as 'everything is design. everything' and 'it's important to use your hands, this is what distinguishes you from a cow or a computer operator'.

taken from designboom

the book is published by papress

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