Thursday, October 8, 2009

All Things Typography

Typography Saving time!
-- TypeTalk: You ask, we answer
-- Continuing Studies in Typography
-- Know your type: Gill Sans
-- Can tell Arial from Helvetica?
-- Gourmet Typography STIMULUS Discount
-- The Type Studio now on Twitter

TypeTalk: You ask, we answer
TypeTalk Q. What is an interrobang? Check it out...

Q. Should the overall letter spacing of type change as its size gets larger or smaller? Check it out...

Q. Should I pay attention to how a headline breaks, or is that the job of the writer and copy editor? Check it out...

Continuing Studies in Typography
fytilogo Do you love typography? Have you ever thought about pursuing, or have you even dabbled in, typeface design? Then you might consider going back to school to further your knowledge and expand your career possibilities. Read on...

Know your type: Gill Sans
Gill Called the "Helvetica of England" Gill Sans is the subject of idsgn's sixth installment in a series entitled Know your type. This relatively new design blog writes about about the things we see and enjoy (or sometimes hate) as designers. They talk about graphic design, branding, typography, and sometimes post a video or two. Take a look...

Can tell Arial from Helvetica?
ArialvsHelvetica So you think you can tell Arial from Helvetica? David Friedman, in his Ironic Sans blog, has taken 20 logos that were originally designed in Helvetica, and redone them in Arial. Can you tell which is the original and which is the remake? Test your skills...

Gourmet Typography STIMULUS Discount
hand In today's competitive market, you need all the edge you can get. Whether you are a student or a professional, having strong typographic skills should be at the top of your list.

Bring Gourmet Typography Training right to your company, school or organization! Workshops are customized for groups of any size and designed to fit your specific needs. Sessions are scheduled for your convenience - daytime, evenings or weekends. We will design a program customized for your particular requirements.

ONSITE TRAINING: $300 off workshops booked through December.
SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES: Special pricing, call 203.227.5929 for details.

"I found your class to be the missing link in the field of graphic design. I have had type classes before and the content is mostly about the structure of fonts, word usage style and then how to see type as a design element. Very important classes, but not all inclusive. Having been in the field for over 16 years, I was surprised how much I learned and some of the practical information about what to do with fonts. Thanks again!"

For more info, click here or call 203.227.5929.

The Type Studio now on Twitter
twitterbird Yes, I gave in to Twitter pressure. It's no longer your teenager's social networking tool, but a valuable source of education and information for students, educators and professionals of all kinds.

Follow me at Twitter for the best of typographic rants, raves, reviews, and releases.


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