Thursday, October 8, 2009

Assignment 5

Next week's assignments (10/12):

1) 4 (18"x24") posters, related to your topic and must be B&W.
Use typography to
a) inform,
b) create interest,
c) educate,
d) advertise or
e) make folks notice your topic.
Choose one objective, not all of the above.
Whatever is most appropriate to your topic.
Be inventive.
*typography only*

2) An invite to an event, also related to your topic.

3) Bring to class a list of fonts used for each piece on an 8x10 sheet of paper please.

4) Keep in mind that each piece of work should fall into either an a, b or c layout.




5) The lessons that gen covers gives you an idea of what a client is to expect from you, the designer. As a reminder, the list so far has been about:
-color palette
-icon or symbol for your topic

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