Wednesday, March 14, 2012

assignment for 3/19, 3/21

time to rock and roll:

identity kit:

1) business cards--do you want an icon with your name? just your name? a company name? how do you summarize what you do in a 3" x 2" piece of paper? do you list art director? designer or graphic design? web designer? list your url, your email contact, and a cell phone. do not list your home address.

2) design a website. you need a url that showcases your work

3) design a 2 mg (emailable) pdf

4) design a leave behind that includes your contact info, resume, and work samples. this can and perhaps should be a piece unto itself. create something special for after your interview that won't get thrown away.

5) formal portfolio: let's start by seeing all of your work, past, present, on the job, course work, freebie invites or posters, etc in an indesign document. make a storyboard for how you'd like to lay this out. start thinking about form--should it be a website, a book, several books? if print, what materials, where are you going to print, how much can you spend?

next week, bring your laptops with your portfolio storyboards and your bcard designs. do many iterations. bring them all.

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