Friday, December 2, 2011

grading for this semester

ya'all. i've truly enjoyed this semester with all of you. i'm looking forward to next semester when we can work more closely, now that i know more about you. i anticipate being able to work with you on "assignments" that come from your hearts and hands, ie some self initiated projects along with some structured, "you gotta know this" assignments.

fyi--i'm grading from the blogs. please post all assignments, swipe, sketches, revisions, etc. the more i see, the better i'm able to evaluate your progress this semester. if you didn't do well with one assignment, at least get partial credit for swipe selection, concept, color palette, sketches, by POSTING YOUR BLOG. keep it organized and clear so that i understand what goes with what. and, if you have not already done so, pls allow commenting (i still cannot comment on some of your blogs) and DISABLE word verification.

five completed, great assignments are due along with your progress on all nine assignments.

thank you. xoxo. g.

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