Friday, October 1, 2010

Double Dagger (by chris mills)

The name sounds like a terrible action movie, punk band, or video game weapon choice.

But it also has a function

The dagger is usually used to indicate a footnote, in the same way an asterisk is. However, the dagger is only used for a second footnote when an asterisk is already used. A third footnote employs the double dagger.[1]Additional footnotes are somewhat inconsistent and represented by a variety of symbols, e.g., parallels (||) and the pilcrow (¶), some of which were nonexistent in early modern typography. Partly because of this, superscriptnumerals have increasingly been used in modern literature in the place of these symbols, especially when several footnotes are required. Some texts use asterisks and daggers alongside superscripts, using the former for per-page footnotes and the latter for endnotes.


Chris Mills said...

Thanks wikipedia

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you'll perfect it.

i have a lot of confidence in your ability to make this a great poster.

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