Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Word-Image Association

New Assignment ( Sorry this is posted late guys)

Word-Image Association:

1) Take a single image of your choice and blow it up to black and white, 18x24 poster size.
2) Choose one word to overlay on the image. You should choose your word based on the statement, emotion or mood you are trying to evoke.

*i don't want a simple description of what can be seen in an image.

content meaning drawing from your sense of humor, intellect, or emotions, pair a word with an image making the pairing mean/signify/represent more then either of the single elements alone.

3) Be very picky with your choice of typeface, your kerning, and your placement of the word.

Here are some examples of impressive word-image associations:

*keep in mind that your assignment should be a single word.
Try to think creatively.

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