Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Design Final Wrap-Up

Design Final:

In order to receive a grade for the course all your work must be posted on the blog no later than:
Monday 12.21.09
Don't plan on Gen grading your blog last.

For those of you who still have no idea how to post your images on blogger here is a quick and easy tutorial:

How do I post my pictures on blogger?

Here is a run down of the assignments for this semester:
1. Type Specimen Book
2. 4 posters
3. Infographic
4. Project of your choice

All four projects should be posted on your blog. If you are using your blog for multiple classes or have alot of other content make sure you tag your final projects with 'projects' so that it is easier to find and look through.
Or re-post them all at the top of your blog.

Any questions? Email the T.A.'s and we will help you out.

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