Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Assignment - Create A Zine

create a zine:
using the many bits and pieces of great work you have lying around—
ideas that didn’t make it into a formal piece: drawings, poetry, writing, computer mess ups that you saved for a rainy day—
today is the day.
compile them together based on a theme, topic, subject—
something you feel passionate about.
cut and paste or tape them on four 8 1⁄2” x 11” pieces of paper.
make great compositions and interesting subject matter.
then copy on a copy machine.
make the copy machine work for you.
use both sides of the paper.
fold in half.
rethink the layout if needed and recopy.
then saddle stitch bind with a card stock cover.
use whatever paper stocks you find interesting and relate to your piece.
I’m thinking you can do this fast (3‐5 hours) and still create a strong portfolio piece.

it’s all in the swipe, subject due april 6th & 8th.


Have fun!

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