Monday, October 27, 2008

Dates assignments due/mid semester unsatisfactory evals

1. type specimen book--required DUE DATE, 9.22, 9.24
2. infographic--required DUE DATE, 10.20, 10.22
3. one of these below a-d--required DUE DATE, 11.10, 11.12
a. household item reassigned to new tool, branded, and repackaged with instructions
b. set text type book, 16 page signature or more, bind, soft or hard, your choice
c. pick up a brochure or give away pamphlet from your favorite store, redesign it, re-brand them
d. same as above, but promo mailer for yourself, including branding, etc

4. process book--required DUE DATE, 12.8, 12.10
collect all sketches, ideas, notes, comments, attempts, and finished pieces and bind them together in an "artist's" book/process book/portfolio book
if you've been blogging as requested, this last piece should almost do itself...
not really.
but, you should have everything you need to create it.
save those sketches, initial attempts, project notes
organize and explain
set those captions perfectly.
spell and grammar check (no spelling or grammar mistakes acceptable)

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