Thursday, September 18, 2008

2nd Assignment - Info Graphic

So everyone, good work so far.
Your second assignment starts this week. You will start to work on an info-graphic.
So select a topic you really like, do research and get statistics you can use to design an interesting piece. For inspiration look at the past postings below, also am posting some new examples, and some links that you should look at for inspiration.
The Visual Thesaurus
Edward Tufte (leading expert on information design) check out his examples
Peter Grundi (british designer who does tons of great info-graphics)
Catalogue Tree (studio in Amsterdam who do lots of info-graphics)
Nicholas Felton (designer in NYC., look at the Annual reports, am posting examples here)
Survey Monkey (if you need to do a survey, you can do it here for free!)

Some Russian magazine examples:

Nicolas Felton

Other stuff:
I saw lots of good work, but all of you need to look really close at your type.
Remember this stuff takes time, but you should be advancing and progressing on your type skills as we move along!!!
The small details are essential (need attention to details, kerning, line spacing, font choices, creative (but not awkward unless intentional for a reason) use of white space).
So here are 2 links that you need to READ, BOOKMARK and KNOW.
Ilene Strizver (read Ilene's posts, sign up for her emails, and if you need technical stuff, look here!)
TYPO Tips by Erik Spikermann, who is one of the foremost type designers. (READ IT)

COLOR INSPIRATION: Aesthetic Apparatus

And make sure you POST on your blog!!!!

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Parka said...

Nicolas Felton's charts are a breath of fresh air from typical boring gray financial statements.