Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Type inspiration

These samples come from the phenomenal guys at NON-FORMAT (Kjell Ekhorn + Jon Forss) in London and Minneapolis. These guys use a very limited palette of type, i looked through their book and i think i counted like a total of about 15 different fonts that they use all the time. Fonts they use are Akzidenz Grotesk (they use this a lot), Hermes, Moseley, Supersize, Magda, and Strokes.

Check out their website for more examples of their work, or if you can get a hold of their book, its called Non-Format. Love song.

And below am posting an example of a very nice, type treatment (look at the mix of type) from the guys at Homework in Copenhagen (the retro revolution continues).

And check out E&A Magazine online. You can purchase it at newstands (they print it on newsprint) but they also post the issues here on-line. Check out their type treatments. They are here in NYC and in Berlin!

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