Sunday, January 27, 2008


a few things.

1) in order to figure your fonts, look at them, compare, load into
your applications, etc. you need a font management program.
font book is not so great.
there are better:
fusion made by extensis:
font explorer:
font agent pro:
i use font agent pro.
it sorts and files your fonts as well as gets rid of corrupt fonts and
it does lots of things.
but, it's a tad expensive.
so, use font explorer if you need to use a free font management program.

it's fine.

many of my students and professionals use it.


load only those that you plan to use regularly.

no more than about 100 in suitcase, about the same in font explorer,
and a few more in font agent pro.

probably you can load 200-300 in font agent pro and it'll be fine.

in other words....

yes, you will need to import and open each one, look at it, determine
if you like it, and either throw it back out or leave it in to open
when you turn your computer on.
if you copied my library (smart!!) you have lots of fonts to look through.

remember you are setting a TEXT TYPE book, so try to focus on text type.

(i know it's overwhelming. rome wasn't built in a day. take breaks, work hard.)
you will need to set a display face book also.
let's leave that for another week.
what's the difference?
text type is used for body copy (astro turf) and display faces are
used for headlines, subheads, bylines and other special type

2) Genevieve sent you all the templates for setting the text type. If you need them,
let me know. Am still having trouble uploading to the blog, my apologies. the templates were made by mayumi, former student and ta, and excellent designer. there is one for cs2 and one for cs3.

very generous of mayumi to make these for us.
please use.
clean format and organized.
print on decent white paper, bright with some weight.
if you make a pdf, you can print on a laser printer at your job or at
kinkos or some such.

3) if you are new to in-design or any other mac application, i suggest
you buy a peach pit press book on the application and get to work.

these books are easy start with pictures: a quick learn.
some folks have recommended for online courses.

i have not taken these courses, but have heard from various sources
(students and professionals) that they are good.

give it a try if online application training works for you:
this course does not come with application instruction.
any computer instruction you receive in the course is gratis from me
or your ta.

hope you're enjoying your weekend.

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